Final projects

Multifunction set of buildings completing city structure of Hradec Kralove

Bc. Michal Čapek

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


As a part of my diploma seminar I have analyzed the city of Hradec Králové from the developmental, functional, traffic and demographical point of view. Based on these findings, I have used the SWOT analysis to name and determine the essential goals of the diploma thesis itself. From the eleven possible locations for the project, the most suitable area fulfilling most of the requirements was a vacant lot close to the Congress Center Aldis. The plot is located in a close distance to the city center near the city bypass, the river Elbe and the large park area. The result of the project is a multifunctional set of buildings and the pedestrian bridge over the river that connects the area with its surroundings. Close to the city bypass, the parking house, the administrative center and the hotel serving the city and adjacent congress center are located. In the south part of the plot, the residential house is situated in a close proximity to the Šimek's park.

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