Diploma projects

Variable Space Organizer

BcA. Dominika Bočková

Design, MA diploma project


Problem organization of space. How to build equipment from empty free space in interior or exterior, easily and quickly, and again just as quickly and easily disassembled back and create space, or rebuild objects into other forms serving a different purpose. It is addressed primarily to the interior, but due to the materials and technical parameters is also suitable for use outdoors - gardens, patios, yards, parks, etc. It is designed for users with an alternative approach to perception experienced by the living space. Objects created rather a sculpture in space, which is in many ways a variable due to the materials used and environmentally friendly. Construction A single module consists of two parts welded three triangles, which are then joined together. On any wall boards can be added, so that creates a closed or semi closed object. The individual modules are interconnected triangles individually added, to fill the space completely. The basis is a single package that contains a basic module - octahedron, the free triangle insert, top plate and ties for two uses. Other components can be purchased for mosses packs or individually. Instruction includes how to pass a module, as well as how to fold a few basic elements - storage space, partition walls, wall shelves of different sizes, bench, table, chair, etc. It is designed for people who want to have something unusual, variable, and environmentally friendly. Materials body - iron rods, welded, black color, any color options connections - electrical cable ties, plastic board - recycled polypropylene or wood pine plywood, natural color and texture, or paint, any color

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