Final projects

Jižní Město - Neighborhood for Regeneration Hviezdoslavova / Mikulova / Michnova

Bc. Anita Prokešová

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


This diploma project deals with a regeneration process of housing estates in Jižní Město in Prague, precisely the district confined by Hviezdoslavova, Mikulova, Michnova street and the Central Park. The project analyzes the current state of this district as well as proposes a set of amendative interventions that improve the quality of the living environment in the area. After demolishing improper buildings, the proposal offers to residents a new value in the form of a park, which is connected to the community center’s garden and the kindergarten. The proposal focuses primarily on the regeneration and formation of hierarchy in public spaces. Furthermore it completes the site with new building design. The design is not hostile to current vegetation. These regenerative interventions can be seen as a template for the regeneration of other neighborhoods of Jižní Město or any other housing estates in general.

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