Final projects


Jůza Jakub

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


In the structure of old Žižkov, I propose a community center, which aims to create an adequate working environment for organizations, which don't have space in today's dense form of the district. At the same time, I am adding suitable functions, i.e. workshops and a cafe, which, together with the existing nightclub, will revitalize the place and make the segregation of different social groups more difficult. The work also tries to use current topics drawing on social and economic sustainability such as reuse, prefabrication, variability, and temporary use. The project consists of the restoration of the former market hall, to which I am attaching a ground floor and a light five-story house growing out of it. The entire building is built with respect to its surroundings and draws its form from the past and the memory of the place.

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