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Štěpánek Matěj

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project



The Initial Military Training Command Klondajk is being established in response to two factors. The first is the ambition of the Czech Republic's Army to have up to 5,000 new professional soldiers by 2030, as well as an additional 5,000 soldiers as active reserves. Achieving this goal requires an increase of 20% in the professionaů units and 50% in the active reserves. The new command would enable the recruitment and training of up to 2,000 new soldiers annually, reduce the burden on the Military Academy Vyškov, and distribute the capacities of military training between Bohemia and Moravia. The second factor behind the proposal for the military training center is the aggression of Russian dictatorship in Ukraine, which has highlighted the importance of defending the state, freedom, and democracy in the public consciousness. The new command is a response to these two factors in a location where a "changing of the guards" historically took place when NATO defense units briefly operated in the area (formally subsidized by the Soviet Union) in the year 2000.

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