Final projects

TIBA Beroun

Bc. Zuzana Kučerová

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The biggest problem of Beroun is urban fragmentation, which is caused by discontinuous development in the past and by ignoring current problems. The solution of the problem is to create a strong urban skeleton, which will connect the residential district and create one city unit again. The backbone of the city is the old Plzeňská street. Connected vertical urban ribs will join both sides of the valley divided by the highway. The public space between two different districts creates a social ecotone, and a new kind of urban life will emerge. The new walking path will clearly divide the place between the city and the nature. An example of the application of such an urban skeleton is the revitalization of the dilapidated area left after the textile factory TIBA. My project is also a response to the development project that should have been built there.

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