Final projects

The Corner Living - Nové Dvory

Štefánik Filip

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


The logic of this project lies more or less clearly in its location, which becomes a corner lot. The main pillar of the design is the idea of ​​a concrete base with a massive core stretching to the height, taking in the individual floors. Since it is a multifunctional use, these functions are solved as shells glued to this pillar, which stretches to the very end on top of the last floor, where it shows again and ends this tower-like structure. Each of the functions has a different height or mass overlap, so that it is perfectly clear at first glance where what is happening and in what space. The whole project is closely related to the replacement of all the greenery during construction, which is achieved by greenery in places where the mass recedes for employees and a roof garden accessible to apartment owners.

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