Final projects

Metamorphosis of Hostivice

Reidlová Anna

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


The bachelor's thesis is a project that further develops an architectural study on the metamorphosis of logistics halls in Hostivice. The thesis examines the topic of logistics halls from the perspective of architecture and urbanism. Currently, these complexes are a phenomenon affecting the outskirts of major cities across Europe. The halls are extensive structures that occupy a significant part of the landscape, yet they do not bring substantial benefits to their immediate surroundings. The main objective of the thesis was to propose a design that would transform the environment of logistics halls for the better while respecting their existence. The work began with an analysis and exploration of the architecture of logistics facilities. The problem was approached as a general phenomenon, and an effort was made to apply a general solution to the specific location of a logistics complex near the capital city of Prague, in the town of Hostivice. After the analysis, the actual design process followed, resulting in an architectural study. Subsequently, in the summer semester, documentation for building permits was developed, which forms the central part of the bachelor's thesis. The completed documentation includes construction solutions, structural design, fire protection, acoustic considerations, economic aspects, and technical systems of the building. The aim was to address the relationship between architecture and structure and to realize the design concept in the form of a construction project according to applicable regulations and conventions. The outcome of the work is the project documentation, which aims to guide the realization of the building in line with the original intent defined in the architectural study. The building design represents an attempt to answer the question of how to deal with the environment of logistics complexes. It explores a specific solution and demonstrates both the potential and sensitive aspects, both in terms of the design itself and the environment into which it is integrated.

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