Final projects

Metamorphosis of Hostivice

Hruška Michal

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


As part of the bachelor's thesis, the study of the apartment building was elaborated in the documentation for building permit. The planned territory is part of the large urban concept Metamorphosis of Hostivice. The proposal intensively interferes with the current state of the logistics area and tries to bring new uses. A pile of housing is a terraced house based on the urban concept of an inhabited platform. The superstructure on the roofs of the halls uses the potential of vast areas, today completely empty. We defined the region as the interface of two worlds with terraced houses, the principle of which invites a person upwards. The long southern front of the logistics hall is divided into three masses, with the aim of giving the huge halls a more human scale. Between the masses there are communications leading to the platform. The central part of the urbanism of the platform is conceived as a public space with civic amenities. There is a kindergarten, a sports field and a nursing home. All of this is surrounded by a circuit primarily for pedestrians and cyclists, but it is also used for rescue services and supplies. The mass of the designed house outgrows the adjacent logistics hall, giving the house two different entrance floors. The ground floor on the overgrown terrain is connected to the main walkway connecting Hostivice with Prague, the fifth floor at the level of the platform completes the southern scenery of the inhabited platform. The individual floors of the house jump in such a way as to give space at the back of the building for the other functions of the residential building. There is a parking lot, technical areas, cellars, workshop, co-work, sauna and cinema. The basis of the proposal is the layout of the communication spaces in such a way that they allow the bouncing of the floor and do not create unusable spaces. On the first floor, most of the floor plan is made up of a parking lot. The second floor is large enough to accommodate a technical room, workshop, co-work, sauna, cinema and a couple of cellars. There are cellar cubicles on the third floor. On the fourth floor, the corridor system is aligned with the hall, and starting from the fifth floor, it outgrows the hall. Thanks to the facade concept, the house is perceived exactly the same, both from the ground and from the platform.

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