Final projects

Ritual and city

Bc. Tadeáš Říha

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


Urban rituals are at once symbolic and spectacular events in the city. They are massive in scale and political in their meaning. These events bring the contemporary pragmatic city closer to its origin and the reason of its existence. According to Semper, representation, rituals and architecture are three of the most ancient areas of human action. Representation in Architecture constitutes a theoretical discourse, as old as architecture theory itself. In this project, I propose to add a third entity to this discussion through which we can explore the relationship of the first two. Dalibor Veselý formulates a task for contemporary architecture. How to reconcile the technology f modern times, that has already gained its autonomy, with human life, inherited culture and natural world. It seems that in many ways in the urban rituals we can witness, theorise and most of all experience such a reconciliation.

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