Diploma projects


Michael Šilar

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The project solves the completion of the former burgher brewery in Holešovice. Within urban planning, this is a mass solution of two buildings that will finish the already started revitalization of the complex. Functional content of these buildings is partly given by the owner of the land, which is the Czech Republic, or the Supreme Audit Office, whose new seat will be built simultaneously with the seat of the parliamentary library and archive of the Office of the Chamber of Deputies. This predefined plan is complemented by a housing section that responds to the current trend of short-term rentals and the sharing of apartments by more people. Within the framework of the architectural study itself, the project is focused on the design of the building containing the library, its deposit and part for housing. The library complemented by a public hall opens the area for citizens and offers a wide range of cultural activities and space for relax, housing part will be provided based on site analyzes and response to current trendy dwellings designed for sharing and short-term rentals, but also a smaller number of very luxurious apartments, Approaching the comfort of living in a family home. The aim of the project is therefore to complete the site in such a diverse spirit as its revitalization has begun and to create a vibrant place that people will be looking for.

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