Diploma projects

Rocking Seat

Kristýna Šimoník

Design, bachelor_project_type


The theme of my bachelor thesis was based on my vision of public space revival. I wanted to explore a product which would, by its function and appearance, help to make some particular parts of the city more attractive for recreation and relaxation. That's why I decided to go in the direction of a rocking, specifically a rocking chair that eliminates stress and for majority of people is equivalent of relaxation. There are many rocking chairs on the market, primarily designed for the interior and only with rocking function. The chair I design is designed for outdoor use, stackable and therefore more attractive to the manufacturer and the transport or storage of goods. In addition, it offers its users the possibility to place a blanket, bag or backpack in a pocket under the seat. The material is chosen with respect to the environment, good maintenance and durability. When it comes to the shape, I used the basic curves which evoke the rocking movement, circle and arches. The product consists of two arches which form the legs of the chair, the link between them, which forms the seat with the storage pocket and the backrest. The most suitable material solution was metal, specifically steel. Due to its good accessibility, durability and maintenance, it appears to be the most effective material for this purpose. The legs and links are made of solid and hollow profiles of a rectangular cross section of 30 x 15 mm, which ensure the strength of the structure and its balance. On the contrary, the backrest with the seat and the pocket is made of perforated sheet metal, which allows cleaning and at the same time ensures drainage of rainwater.

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