Final projects


Černý Jakub

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


Quiet, empty, abandoned unmaintained buildings with falling plaster, butts lying around and parked old cars. This is how the atmosphere of the former barracks complex in Nové Město nad Metují could be described today. Residence Castra is my vision of how to take advantage of the opportunity and revive the area of ​​the area in the middle of the city. The project transforms the unused area into a place for living, to change the description of the atmosphere of the place into an invitation for existing and new residents of the city. The diploma thesis deals with the area of ​​the former barracks in Nové Město nad Metují. As part of the project, the demolition of some existing buildings and the design of new buildings that respect the historical character and rooftop landscape of the small town of Nováč are proposed. The buildings are designed mainly for housing, complemented by the function of commercial parterres and civic amenities such as a children's group or a sports hall. An important part of the design was the design of spatial regulations of buildings and public space. The atmosphere and character of the area is captured in the visualizations and other appendices of the project. The birth of the idea to propose a diploma project on the territory of the former barracks area arose during the first personal visit to Nové Město nad Metují. The original goal of the city survey was the survey of the gaps on the main street of Nové města - Komenského Street. During my visit, I walked through the entire city, and I also drove almost all of it to get a picture of how the city works, what the pedestrian and traffic accessibility is, how the city lives, what character it has, what kind of people live in it. Wanderings through the city also took me to the former barracks area. The place immediately caught my attention, mainly due to the open space, in which buildings stood at great distances, which at first glance were not maintained or fully used. The weirdest thing about the place is its location in the city. Thanks to the natural development of the city, the migration of residents and the current tendency to own individual housing with a garden, the former barracks area was absorbed by the surrounding buildings and thus created an almost empty area in the middle of the city, which citizens only pass by on their way to the city or drive by on their way home. From my point of view, this was a great opportunity for a thesis proposal that will create a vision and inspiration for the city itself, to make the place once again engulfed in life instead of emptiness. I started sketching already during a personal inspection of the site, I documented the permeability of the site, the slope of the terrain, the connection to the transport infrastructure, the character of the site and the condition of the buildings located on the land. After a thorough analysis of the city and the planned locality, I began to propose my idea, a vision of how the entire area could look one day.

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