Life of FA

The Rolling House

Students and professors gave Alena Šrámková a house on wheels for her birthday

The Rolling House project was created at the Department of Design Studio II as part of the Summer School of Building on the theme of minimal mobile construction, organized by the Studio Seho. Implementation took place in the courtyard of FA CTU at the turn of October and November 2019. There were no plans for the construction. Students only had a sketch they found in the book Vladivostok by Hejduk's collaborator and editor of his books Kim Shkapich. They also learned lessons from Hejduk's other works, especially the catalog for the exhibition Práce v Míčovně Pražského hradu (1991). They consulted the project with Hejduk's daughter Renata and through it with colleagues and followers of John Hejduk.

The photo shows Renata Hejduk, who came to see the statue in person. 

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