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The winning design of our landscape students was presented at the International Garden Festival in Chaumont-sur-Loire, France

Students of Landscape Architecture Háta Enochová, Petr Stojaník, Marek Kratochvíl, Jan Trpkoš presented their projects at the prestigious International Garden Festival in Chaumont-sur-Loire, France. The festival started at the beginning of May 2021 and is the event of the year in the field of landscape and garden architecture. It runs until October and is attended by nearly 300,000 people each year.

The project of the students of the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU can be found at the festival on plot 21, its name is World Wide Web - Tout est connecté. The Garden of Shared Consciousness, as the installation is subtitled in Czech, is based on the simple fact that everything is connected to everything and everything communicates with itself in some way.

It reflects the complex principles of natural interconnectedness that take place underground or within an organism or between them. Herbs, trees and fungi are active and communicative organisms that seek basic resources: WATER, EARTH, LIGHT AND AIR. Information and nutrients obtained from these basic elements are transported through the system of roots, mycelia, and vascular bundles.

The aim of the installation is to open a dialogue, to speak the language of plants, to transmit and mediate the concretized principles of physical and abstract communication between and within organisms, and thus to rethink our relationship with the plant world.

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