Life of FA


After a long delay, the traditional graduation ceremony could finally take place! After a busy day of diploma projects defenses, on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, we were able to witness the meeting of the fresh graduates with their teachers and school management. After the graduation ceremony, during which they received a small gift – construction helmets – they were able to sit, chat and celebrate their success together with their classmates and friends.

Gongratulations to

  • 90 graduates of Architecture and Urbanism programme to the title Ing. arch.
  • 5 landscape architects to the title Ing.
  • 17 designers to the title MgA.!

This time the joyful moments of the celebration were not captured by a professional photographer using high-quality equipment. Romana Vylitová from the Department of Public Relations took them with her phone, so please excuse the poor quality of the photos, which is not on your device.

For the content of this site is responsible: Ing. arch. Kateřina Rottová, Ph.D.