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Opening of the exhibition Choceň

Urban development potential of the city

On Wednesday, 23. 6. 2021, the Choceň Castle hosted the opening of an exhibition by students of the Kohout-Tichý studio dedicated to the vision and limits of the development of Choceň. Student studio works are devoted to the vision and limits of the city's development. They show how to improve the public spaces, how to use the potential of the space by the river, how to approach empty land within the city limits, how to solve complicated areas, and how far and how the city can develop in the future. The students' goal was to propose an overall vision for the sustainable development of the city based on an understanding and relationship of the development to the surrounding landscape and existing values of the city. The exhibition can be viewed from 24. 6. to 30. 9. 2021.

All are welcome to attend the student presentation and public discussion on 8. 9. at 5pm.

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