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Public Drawing Workshop with Momoyo Kaijimou

At the end of March 2022, the Faculty hosted a Public Drawing Workshop led by Japanese architect Momoyo Kaijima (Bow-Wow studio) and her colleagues from ETH Zurich and the Department of Urbanism of the FA CTU. The workshop was intended for students from the FA and ETH Zurich. Its main purpose was to explore how people's behaviour changes across centuries in the same public spaces.

During the week-long workshop, students compared historical pictorial records of public space and people to their current state and times. Through simple hand drawings they mapped urban spaces in Prague and everyday life in them.

Each of the 11 teams first studied their site and then drew it by hand in soft pencil as a collective of authors. Additional details could be added to the resulting images to follow the discussion between the participants involved, as well as deleted. The students depicted the chaotic reality of a city that spontaneously responds to the needs and activity of its inhabitants. Through this process, drawing becomes a platform for communication.

The resulting works were publicly exhibited.

Photo credit: Štěpán Hon

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