Erasmus Exhibition

HOLEŠOVICE | city and track


The project’s main intention is to nurture a vibrant public life with access to culture, art and recreational activities . As well as appealing public spaces for relaxation and wellbeing. Based on this, a suitable architectural and activity program was proposed for the site, in order for the flyover to become a living link between the old and new parts of Holešovice. The concept for the Art Passage arose from the fact that Holešovice is the Art District of Prague. For this reason, a space was created under the railway, suitable for Temporary Art Exhibitions where local emerging artists can exhibit their work. The plaza is designed to enhance the social interaction of different age ranges in the community. This is achieved through the shared public spaces that the plaza has.

my key experience from erasmus

During my time in the atelier as an Erasmus student, I had the opportunity to face new challenges due to the different ways of approaching architecture. I enjoyed being able to see my classmates' different perspectives towards a project. I was able to learn new skills and enrich myself from the different points of view and ways of working of my colleagues. In my next semester at CTU I desire to continue working under this type of environment where collaborative work between people of different nationalities is encouraged to foster a creative space.

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