Exhibition of Studio Projects

Apartment Building Pernerova street

Jan Pernekr


The loggia apartment building in Pernerova Street is looking for limits for the built-up area between the town and the foot of Vítkov Hill. It fills the gap and completes the structure of the Karlín block. The object is divided into two directions. The eight-story building, reserve volume holds the street line and the height of the ledge forever on the neighboring house. Three incoming volumes, rising above the inner block, which have blind shields, rest on the edge of the track. The house has a rentable ground floor and an inner block of two-storey space for commercial or workshop use. A public, lively courtyard is being built, from whoever gives the project at the Karlín train station or to ascend to the park in Vítkov. There are ten modular types of apartments of different sizes and typologies.

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