Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Community center Turnov - Brewery area reconstruction

Bc. Jan Štěpánek


The first mention of the brewery building refers to the the second half of the 19th century, when the brewing law was released in the lands of the Bohemian Crown and local breweries began to emerge. One of them was the brewery in Turnov, which belonged to the Svoboda family. At first it was a brewery, with a smoky type of horizontal kiln located directly in the brewery. However, at the turn of the 18th / 19th century a new vertical kiln of specific type was added to the brewery building and it is still being remaining the dominant feature of the entire complex. In the 1920s, beer brewing in Turnov gradually declined.

I modified the interior so that it could serve the community life of the town in the future. The original standing forest was reconstructed and, thanks to the preserved original brewing technologies, can in the future be composed as a permanent exhibition on the history of beer brewing in the Turnov region.

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