Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Park in Florence

Eliška Olšanská


There are only small fragments of green spaces in Florence that are open to the public. The creation of new green spaces is very important mainly because of climate changes. In addition to the recreational function, the park also offers a utility function. Through the park there is a promenade that connects the central places of the park. On his way, the visitor walks alongside the city walls to the orangery. He gets lost in an olive grove, meets his friends in a central area called Agri-kolo. He has a break in the amphitheater surrounded by the scent of Italian herbs. He cools down in the shade of an overgrown forest with a wetland. He walks alongside a cypress tree line. He plucks an apple in an orchard and he ascends the terraces to the square with a view of the entire park.

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