Exhibition of Studio Projects

Kampa community centre

Bc. Juraj Vronka


The building connects to the existing wall which borders with the land in the direction of Vltava and Sovovy mlýny and removes sharp corner of the wall and replaces it with organic arch which is continuation of the wavy baroque wall. Looking from the Vltava river, we see only wall with holes. Nevertheless, if we walk through the gate, we get to the building from the park-organic arch which encloses the space in its core and together with piled up soil creates almost a natural amphitheater. The inner arch also contains curved glass which connects interior space with the exterior. When viewed from Smetanovo nábřeží, the roof covered with traditional roof tiles merges with the surrounding roofs. There is no house in the garden but a wall in the garden and this wall is a house.

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