Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Big Foot

Jakub Šenk


The idea of the project is to create a lake town on the site of the existing quarry near Ledčice. The intention of the creation is a partial reclamation of the quarry and the construction of another satellite city on the expressway to Prague. The project is conceived for the year 2050, when, according to my thesis, it is realistic to consider other means of transport. Subsequently, about other infrastructure. My idea was to create emission-free spaces. I developed my opinion by using underground transport and air transport. By separating traffic from the ground floor, many spaces are created undisturbed by the fast and hurried. In the project, we had to solve a given sixth of the city. So we each treated it in our own way. It consisted of numerous greenery. My part was divided into two parts, namely living and working. Among them was a beautiful and huge park.


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