Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Utopian living

Petr Matyáš


I worked with the concept of collective living, where one team of people is made up of two floors. These floors are connected by a large atrium. A total of 12 cells are included in such a community, ie 6 on each floor. In total, there are 24 people in one team. Each of these groups has shared spaces such as a large kitchen, laundry room and atrium area. This atrium has a social function, it is basically a large living room. People meet here, celebrate together, etc. Large terraces are another place for the whole team. In addition, people have access to shared cars and bicycles. The 1st floor premises are dedicated to functions common to the entire block. The individual houses are connected by residential terraces. These can be used by residents of individual houses, for example, for garden.

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