Exhibition of Studio Projects

Serious Gaming

Ing. arch. Ondřej Cigáník, Jan Nerud, Barbora Jurášová, Jakub Kuča


Let's play a game! A serious one, but still entertaining! The main goal of our studio was to found fun and interactive way of dealing with a complex public space analysis. The game tells a story of a player who interacts with environmental elements and with other people on the square/in the public space when evaluating his surrounding using Jan Gehl's principles. This game can be played by various groups of players. From urban planners, who can coope with each other to achieve one goal - a good functioning public space; via officers - they can realize how people and their behaviour are important for smooth work; to ordinary people - this game can be most educative for them- they will aquire a basic knowledge about how urban planning and its analysis are working.

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