Exhibition of Studio Projects

The Library for Karlín

Jan Fröhlich


Five-storey library at the end of Peckova street. Children's section on the two highest floors with direct access to the roof garden. A two-storey café on the ground floor, above it a lecture hall and several classrooms. Book storage in the basement, on the top floor SW terrace and roof garden with views of Vítkov and the church towers. The main staircase of the library as a continuation of the journey along Peckova street. It climbs towards Vítkov, then backs to Karlín. The internal arrangement is perpendicular to the axis of Pernerova Street – views connect Karlín and Vítkov that are separated by railway lines. Natural lighting throughout the day, a generous staircase hall, a meeting-point, interconnected floors, spaces and functions. The size of the space corresponds to the function.

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