Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Lanškroun armadillo

Bc. Tereza Nováková


The main aim of the project of a little bridge behind the Lanškroun castle wall is to make connection between a new school garden and a castle grounds. And on the top of that engage the school garden into the Lanškroun tourist track and make an interesting shortcut on this route. The bridge connects two different levels which are compensated by a gradual staircase. The whole concept of the design is based on dividing the whole into several segments, which are completely independent statically as well as visually. Each segment is a cantilever. The upper part of the structure is made of steel sheets. These sheets are carried by steel atypical ribs, which are anchored by a steel L-profile into the wall. The whole structure is designed to encourage a feeling that each piece is floating.

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