Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Bauer's villa

Nikola Hanečáková


Bauer’s villa is situated in the south part of the Czech Republic, in Hrušovany u Brna. It was built in the early twenties 20th century and the author is well-known architect Adolf Loos. The main goal of this project was to reopen the place for the public. In my design, I was trying to return the original appearance to the villa, which was designed by Loos. Moreover, I was working quite sensitive to recreating terraces, which doesn’t exist nowadays. In addition, there is a garden around the villa projected. In my designing process, I was inspired by the original configuration of the garden from the preserved floorplans and photographs. In front of the garden is situated a new object which can be defined as simple and elegant without any effort to compete with the Bauerova’s villa.

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