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Exhibition of Studio Projects

Tranquil Garden — Gallery Café in Terezín

Bc. Veronika Drahoňovská


Tranquil Garden is a hidden oasis in the city of Terezín, which is slowly waking up under layers of all the historical events that burdened it. But there is a number of people who find themselves returning to this town. And those who visited the place will understand. The new owner of the house no. 7 in Dlouhá Street is among them. With the town's best interests at heart, she decided to create a multifunctional building. In addition to the café, a gallery is planned on the ground floor, and the remaining space will be offered for rent to visitors dedicated to arts, who will commute to the site for art workshops. The garden will then accommodate all mentioned activities, it will become an extension of the café, an outdoor gallery and it will welcome both locals and visitors of Terezín.

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