Exhibition of Studio Projects

Searching for garden city

Ondřej Fiedler



I can create postmodern, industrial, villa houses or typical Prague blocks. Or I can create comfort, joy, memories, pastimes, duties, and other things that belong to life. Architecture is indistinguishably mixed with life, but at the most basic level one must decide between creating architecture or creating life. In that case, I choose to create life. I am looking for architecture in the unformal dwelling, in the hanging laundry and in the terases overgrown with flowers. In the end, the whole concept is based on human creativity. At first it seems as if there is none. But it appears over time. I am looking for true aging, the patina of life, falls and ascents, births, and deaths. My job is to create a foundation for life. I want architecture so humble that it leaves design to its inhabitan

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