Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Opatov Reffugio

Bc. Ondrej Sokolář


The aim of the study was to find out the possibilities of using the potential of panel construction in the 1960s for new architecture. We are proposing the revitalization of a part of the housing estate near Litochlebské náměstí, where several new extensions to the current prefabricated houses should be created. My design of the superstructure is adapted to the needs of a fictitious client - a climber. The concept of the building is based on the mass of the mountain and the spaces are composed vertically. The house is designed for 2 people and has 4 floors with a mezzanine for sleeping. The main motif is a climbing wall, a wall that runs across all floors, at the top of the mountain there is a large skylight, under which there is a place to sleep. A garden is created on the remaining spac

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