Exhibition of Studio Projects

Zahrádky - Restored bakery yard with craft workshops

Bc. Kateřina Musílková, Bc. Hana Vidláková, Bc. Eliška Šmardová



Realization project is conceived as a resurrection of the former bakery courtyard in the North Bohemian village of Zahrádky. Abandoned classicistic building is picturesquely attached to a rock with digged cellars. The design returns the function of a bakery to the main building. The yard is adapted for local people to meet up and the rock cellars are newly adapted as traditional crafts workshops (pottery and carpentry). Partial reconstruction of the historical state of the bakery yard is based on old photographs. It is combined with new smaller volumes. Technical and sanitary facilities are located in new wooden structures that use fragments of older buildings. Lookout created on the top of the rock is accessible by stairs from one of the cellars.

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