Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

The Refreshed Vinoř

Lenka Černohorská


The Project is reacting to old look of Vinoř from the 60. of 20th century. On the place of now standing Norma was an orchard, which I wanted to recreate to present look of this place. It is situated close to school and it has outside classroom included. Orchard counts with fruit trees, and it´s completed with non - fruited trees of same kinds. Mariapoli part of the area is devided to 5 sectors - private garden with foresty part, playground, bosquet, which is reacting to the ochard, orchard itself and paved square with water elements. Part of the area around Norma has new space for markets, which is placed on an old place parking lot and it leads a path down the little hill to the glass cafe, which is connected to backside of Norma. In front of shop is cozy place to stay while waiting.

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