Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

House of Stvolínky

Veronika Michnová


Welcome to Stvolinky. In a disused agricultural brownfield we had to imagine the atmosphere of historic continuity from within. The building is located in the centre of Stvolinky village, in place of former castle yard. It combines two main functions - residential part with 10 flats and civic amenities in the central part of the building - café, small shop, a dentist's and general practicioner's offices. The house occupies approx. 830 sqm and has three floors. The front side of the building is open to a new square, forming the village's new center, while the back side is closely surrounded by adjoining gardens and wild park. The shape of the building reminds of the original granary, the central part borrows some shapes from the historic half-timbered housing, common in that area.

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