Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Stodůlky-North / Between Smíchov and Zličín

Bc. Anastasiia Ihnatkova, Bc. Anastasiia Bondarenko


Within the confines of studio a concept for an area around the Rozvadovská spojka was created. After analysis of the territory, we have found that the main problem is the Rozvadovská spojka itself and plans for future development of the Radlická radiala. This leads to the division of the territory into different parts, bad orientation, noise and pollution. One of the main tasks for us was the transformation of Rozvadovská spojka from a motorway into an active city street with a new tram line. After removing barriers, we created a new network of public spaces with three local centres and a building structure that connects the diverse existing buildings into one functional organism. With our concept we have tried to show the potential of this area with the hope of its further development.

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