Studio Šindlerová

Doctoral students


We are the only studio focused on spatial and urban design in the faculty.


Studio Šindlerová is focused on urban and spatial design in various scales: from street and quarter design to the complex agglomeration planning.

Studio Šindlerová offers assignment topics based on questions and challenges from real planning world. Students are taught how to find the best design in topis such as: future of Prague suburbs, rehabilitations of city peripheries, development around transport infrastructures or removing development barriers.

Studio Šindlerová aim to widen your horizon in spatial and urban planning!


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Work & life in the studio

Work of the students in the studio - summer semester 2023

Work of the students in the workshop in the city of Příbram - March 2023

Excursion to the Historical Mining Museum in the city of Příbram - March 2023

Joint field trip  of students and teachers of the studio - Urban Development around the planned railway stations in the eastern part of Prague - February 2023

Joint  field trip of students and teachers of the studio - Příbram - February 2023

Celebration of successful defense of studi projects in the summer semester 2023

Passing of graduates of the studio - summer semester 2023

Successes of the Studio Šindlerová

Dean´s Award 2022: Category Urbanismus 

You can find the awarded project here:

Selection of students works

Between Smíchov and Zličín: Urban revitalisation around Radlická road

Joint master plan (Šárka Michenková, Marie Harigelová, Kateřina Kurešová, Lucie Křivánková, Yurii Nalyvaiko, Halyna Kharchenko, Jakub Peterka, Anastasiia Ihnatkova, Anstasiia Bondarenko, summer semester 2021)

Detail urban design and birds eye perspective (Šárka Michenková, summer semester 2021)

Příbram: Vision of the Development of the City

Joint master plan (Lada Doubravová, Jakub Naništa, Tomáš Kadlec, Daria Krasnolutska, Glib Khmelnytskyi, summer semester 2023)

Detail urban design and perspectives of the revitalisation of Old Příbram (Jakub Naništa, summer semester 2023)

Libčice nad Vltavou - Community City on the Railway

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