Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

Seasoning jars for Remoska

Andrea Opletalová


The task was to design a product for the kitchen for the company Remoska. I chose seasoning jars. When shaping, I emphasized the possibility of picking up spices in a pinch - that is, the possibility of inserting fingers into the jar. To simplify the storage, I used magnetism. I replaced the stand with a magnetic tape that can be cut with scissors. This tape can then be glued to most surfaces. For example, on the wall, in the inner doors of cabinets or on the refrigerator. The jars have a stainless steel lid to hold onto the tape. To maintain the quality of the spice, the rest of the jar is made of glass. Due to the less voluminous spice, I also created a smaller version. For orientation in spices, I designed labels, due to the variability of placement in two sizes.

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