Final projects

A Project Exploring the Use of Waste Materials in the Production of Snowboards

Schröder Max

Design, Bachelor Project


This bachelor thesis focuses on the production of snowboards and specifically on the production of selected parts of their construction. I used recycled materials in the production of individual parts of the snowboard. While maintaining the structure, I created something functional and aesthetically interesting. The individual elements I used recycled materials for are as follows: the side panels (the plastic side of the snowboard), the protectors (the plastic in the nose and tail of the snowboard), the wooden core, and the base. In the first section, the content of the work includes proposals for developing and producing snowboard components from waste materials. In the next section, I deal with the development of waste technology in my process and the applicableuse of selected waste materials. In developing, processing and producing this work, I collaborated with the Czech snowboard manufacturer LTB Snowboards where I was able to test, actualize and verify my experiments. In the future, this technology would enable the serial production of snowboards using recycled materials while maintaining necessary function and allowing for original and creative designs in appearance.

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