Exhibition of Studio Projects

Swimming pool in Dejvice

Bc. Jan Pečinka


Design The design of the house on Vítězné Náměstí in Dejvice has several uses. On the ground floor there is a cafe, two shops and a swimming pool in the courtyard. Upstairs on the next floors are office space. Between the cafe (on the left) and the shop (on the right) is a passage that ends with a view of the entire pool area. The whole house is fully accessible for the disabled Pool and Cafe The main idea was to connect the pool and cafe. The cafe is not located both on the ground floor and in the pool area. It is divided into dry and wet zones. Facade The house uses its own skeletal system, which is then further copied on the facade. He works with the house on the other side of Vítězné náměstí - the General Staff of the Czech Army.

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