Exhibition of Studio Projects 2020

The city center of Ďáblice housing estate

Bc. Krystof Jireš


The aim of the urbanistic study of Sídliště ďáblice is to find an ideal solution of future development of the center. The city center is luckying greately rental spaces for administration and manual work. Simultaneously there is a noticable degradation of public spaces, wich along side with greenery should be main qualities of garden housing estates. The city center itself lacks a recognisable border, mainly on west and east. This fact is streghten by turning all main facades of houses in main south-north public space and the people aproaching the center from this two sides are basically entering through the rear. The main north-south square is 185 meters long and it is divided into smaller spaces with different character. The imaginary road through whole terittory from Ďáblický háj ends

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