Exhibition of Studio Projects

Skatestage Zličín / Café Kontejnr

Bc. Krystof Krechler



This property is located at the Zličín metro station, which makes it a lucrative location. Our survey indicates the absence of a cafe in Zličín and the lack of opportunities for outdoor sports. Based on that my design consists of a café, a skatepark and a playground. The skatepark is also designed as a place for organizing music events. The platform on the edge of the skatepark serves as a stage, towards which there is a slightly descending terrain following the example of the Greek amphitheatres, which provides plenty of views of the stage everywhere. The central point of the design is a cafe consisting of shipping containers. It connects the entrance from the metro with the rest of the park, creating a unique place for relaxation, sports and cultural activities at the same time.

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