Exhibition of Studio Projects

Ecoduct - green-grey match

Tereza Trampotová


My task was to design a way, how to connect Kunratický forest and industrial centre of Chodov. I chose to project an Ecoduct, placed instead of a footbridge Chodov, which is located right now on this place. This ecoduct will be made out of 2 paths, one path will go through the National cycleway and the second one will go from the centre Chodov to the calmer north-west part. Because the centre of Chodov is completely absorbed by industrial life and there is no space for relax whatsoever, ecoduct provides this and much more - games, piece, social acitivities, family gatherings, entertainment, meeting with friends, school trips, afternoon walks - and that is the reason why this ecoduct can become a valuable piece in this sea full of concrete beasts.

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