Exhibition of Studio Projects

Housing Nový Střížkov - search for a garden city

Markéta Kašparová



On my way in search for a garden city, I have an image of an old workers' colony in front of me. I'm looking for romance from old housing estates. I'm looking for places where are football goals painted on houses, jumping dolls drawn on asphalt, tables with benches under a tree, bicycles leaning against a wall. The topics I was searching for ware revealed gables, walls, gates, old red wire fence, gray plaster, gutter, nooks, old asphalt road, common yard. I connect the houses with outdoor stairs in pairs, which I glue together with blind gables into the rows. The individual rows of houses hold courtyards - gardens. A common shared space left to the inhabitants and their intervention. Maybe there will be a sandpit, a fireplace, flower beds. Or nothing will appear in them and they will turn

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