Exhibition of Studio Projects

Přeštice housing

Bc. Ondřej Pecháček


We start preparing the dough by mixing the yeast. Crush the yeast, add a little sugar, dilute with a small amount of lukewarm milk and add a little sifted semi-coarse flour. Stir in the thin dough and let it rise in a warm place. Add eggs, sugar, grated lemon zest, salt, melted lukewarm fat and lukewarm milk left over to the rest of the sifted flour. Finally, add the leavened yeast and let the mixed dough rise well. Roll out the muffin dough on a thicker plate (about 15 mm) and pierce the muffins (about 5 pieces per 1 serving) with a round mold. We place the sliced ​​muffins on a floured worktop and let it rise again. Make a coarser wooden spoon with the handle of the coarse muffins. We throw the prepared muffins into the heated oil with the squeezed side, after frying one side we turn the

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