Exhibition of Studio Projects

Restoration of the sulfur baths complex

Bc. Hana Petelová


The beginnings of the sulphurous spa located in the lovely village of Ostrožská Nová ves date back to the beginning of the 20th century. The concept of the new spa building consists in the partial preservation of the existing load-bearing structure and further connection to that L-shape. The main motif of the whole building is an irregular atrium with rounded corners, and this element is used even further in the complex. The corridor surrounding the entire inner atrium is important, which gives visitors the opportunity to feel being together. I propose to transform it into a building with a flat green extensive roof and 3 full floors. The complex also has 2 parking spac, a café, a dance floor, a pond, a tennis court, a cycle and bee trail and many footpaths and nooks for pleasant relax.

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