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Exhibition of Studio Projects

Polyclinic, restaurant and apartment building at St. Stephen's

Bc. Jan Mokrý


This semester we were thinking about dispositions of the town Kourim. In the task of the „soubor staveb“ I deigned the polyclinic at the squire and at the nearby restaurant and apartment building. Both buildings are same by their unusual shape. Polyclinic is designed as a tower and in it you can find four surgeries, Xray, waiting room and at the top the view point. This point is possible to visit by the stairs then is working hours of the polyclinic and by the elevator any other time. Restaurant and apartment building stand on the same basement. At the interesting feature of the restaurant is the roof window. Through this window you can observe the beauty of the church. In the apartment building there are three multi-storey flats with an interesting layout and a directly lit staircase.

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