Exhibition of Studio Projects

Aula Carolina

Oksana Džabarjan


The house located in the Old Town Square in itself suggests that it must be an important function. A noble and urban function, it must be a symbol but with practical use. In any case, it has an ambiguous character. We are based on the belief that the house itself goes hand in hand with the original Krenn house, not only functionally but also urbanly. The layout of the hall is based on the last state of the town hall wing before the demolition of Nobile and Sprenger, as well as on the floor plan of the auditorium itself. The foreheads turn to important nodes - Old Town Square and St. Nicholas. The main program of the house is the auditorium, with a capacity of 911 people, and the restaurant located on the ground floor, oriented and accessible from the so-called "Kurný trh" at St. Nicholas a

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