Exhibition of Studio Projects

Ceiling ventilator: Kondor

BcA. Marie Cikhartová



In the off position, the fan hangs vertically down from the ceiling and creates an element in the space. The moment it is switched on - it must be switched on slowly so that all the forces acting on the fan build up properly - the "paddle" is lifted by centrifugal force to an almost horizontal position. The shape is designed to swirl the air at a 45° angle. There is a weight in the middle of the rope that carries the weight of the plexiglass "paddle" upwards. At the top near the motor outlet, the top traced circle must be extended by some length, I used a metal hollow tube to reduce the difference between all the traced circles (top, middle and one at each end of the paddle). The rope is only threaded through to avoid twisting. You can try the principle yourself by rolling up a towel.

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