Exhibition of Studio Projects

Water World & Landscape Park 9Linden

Ing. arch. Eliška Houdová


The leitmotif and supporting skeleton of the design was mainly the undulating Berounka and the areas of meadows and fields belonging to it. The imperative of the design was the triad water (life-giving) - greenery (all-encompassing) - fields (beneficial). The aim was to find a parallel to the urban environment with the help of natural building blocks in the true sense of the word. 9Lip Landscape Park is located on the right bank of the Berounka River and at its northern end it connects to the Zbraslav golf course. The aim of the proposal was preserve the natural character of the landscape, while making a large flat area accessible to the people. This created a park whose main stones are landscape events in various forms - 9 types of linden, with a place to sit, spend free time, rest.

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